Saturday, December 11, 2010

Berok Kelantan

This story was related to me by my friend Tojo Ibrahim

King, let me relate to you another tale or tail about your loyal subjects. This is based on real life experience related to me by a friend. In Kelantan you can often see beroks sitting at the back of lorries carrying coconuts. Beroks are trained to do that in Kelantan. So this friend of mine, who resided in Kelantan bought a Kelantanese berok and brought back to his hometown in Sg Petani, Kedah to pick petai at his father's orchard. He handed the berok to his father and about a month later came back to Sg Petani to see how's the berok getting on. 

Instead of finding the berok picking petai he found out the berok had become a house pet. His father told him the berok refused to climb the petai tree. Not believing his father because the berok is a well trained one , he took the berok to climb the petai tree and pick petai. Wonderfully the berok did just that. Then he asked his father to instruct the berok to climb the tree but the berok just sat down doing nothing. Both father and son were dumbfounded by the event that took place. 

In dismay my friend called up the seller of the berok to ask about this. The seller just ask this question, in what dialect does the father instruct the berok, he said in the local Kedah dialect. The seller said that the berok can only understand the Kelantanese dialect.

According to my friend, he found out later that similliar incident happened a few years before when Kelantanese beroks were send to Johor to pick coconuts. The beroks refused to climb trees due to the same reason. 

The funny thing is, instead of teaching the beroks to understand the local dialect, the State Farmers' Association sent the Johor farmers to Kelantan to learn the Kelantanese dialect. So King, your loyal subjects won that round.

Monyet King says
State Farmers' Association should have sent the farmers to learn to speak the beruk language instead.


Anonymous said...

my cat can understand cantonese

Monyet King said...

Anon 8:59 AM
Monyets can understand cantonese too.

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Your Royal Highness,
Can't you offer translation services? purrrr.....meow!

Monyet King said...

Can cats understand Kelantanese ?

Cat-in-Sydney said...

Kelantanese? No prob. We speak many languages in this house - Aussie English, Malay, Arabic, Japanese, Javanese, French, Trengganuspeak (Dad's lingua franca) and sometimes Mama swears in Tamil (estate upbringing-lah!) purrrr.....meow!